get your drone program up and running in five steps

Once a business has decided that it is ready to start using drones, the big question is: how? The drone industry is young, and integrating such novel technology can present new challenges for many organizations. Aerotas uses a comprehensive five-step process to help our clients integrate drones into their businesses


1. Select the hardware that meets your mission objectives. 

What do you need each UAV mission to accomplish?

What is the right aircraft, camera or sensor, and ground station for your mission types?


2. Use the software that produces the deliverables you need.

What do you need to get out of each UAV mission?

What autopilot, image and data processing, and flight logging software produce the deliverables you need?


3. Implement workflow & procedures to ensure consistent safety and results.

How does each UAV mission fit into your organization's existing workflow?

What checklists, procedures, and policies deliver maximum value with minimum added work?


4. Get insurance to be protected from risk.

What are the realistic risks faced in each UAV mission?

What, who, and where do you need to cover to minimize risk and cost?


5. Understand regulations that apply to your operations.

How do your missions interact with regulations?

What can you do legally now, and how can you prepare for coming changes?


Answering these questions will help you think through exactly what it is that you need your drone program to accomplish, and how it will fit into your organization. Answering these questions thoughtfully, and building your drone program accordingly, will ensure that your drone program delivers value consistently and with minimal added friction in the organization.



Aerotas is a drone consulting firm.

When we work with clients, we lead them in answering these questions. We then use our deep knowledge of and network in the drone industry to procure and craft the best possible hardware, software, procedures, insurance, and regulatory compliance strategy for our client's needs. We are guides to businesses looking to create new value with drones. We focus on the drones so that our clients can focus on what they do best: delivering value to their customers.

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