Aerotas has developed a proprietary workflow to process data in the most accurate and reliable way possible. The key to our workflow is our trained professionals involved at every step.

  • Human in the loop at every step

  • ASPRS certified mapping scientists

  • Multiple steps of quality assurance

  • 100% located in the USA

Once you upload your data, our ASPRS certified mapping scientists and technicians will use photogrammetry to produce a rich 3D model of your project, and develop a preliminary accuracy profile. In this process is multiple rounds of quality assurance to check for errors that can come from any source. If an error is identified, we reach out to you to ensure that you only ever get the highest quality data.

Examples of errors addressed in photogrammetry

  • Camera settings

  • Movement of ground targets

  • Variable altitude projects

  • Malfunctioning ground equipment

  • Photogrammetry processing

  • GCP quantity / geometry

  • Coordinate system mismatch

  • Camera calibration

  • Lighting conditions

  • Flight pattern / overlap

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Once our photogrammetrists have finished creating the rich 3D model, our team of CAD drafters and technicians get to work extracting only the data you need. We use a suite of different 3D modeling and CAD programs to get your data in the most accurate and efficient way possible.