Standard Deliverable Files

Aerotas linework projects are delivered with the below files by default:

  • Linework - a DXF file containing the drafted linework

  • CAD-Friendly Orthophoto - orthorectified imagery of the project delivered in a georeferenced TIF file, optimized for use in a CAD environment

  • CAD-Friendly World File - the georeferencing data for the CAD-Friendly orthophoto, in TFW format. Used for properly referencing imagery in CAD.

  • Full Resolution Orthophoto - the full resolution orthorectified imagery of the project, in TIF format. This file is typically very large and may cause problems in a CAD environment.

Optional Deliverable Files

In addition to the standard deliverable files, Aerotas offers a number of optional deliverables on request. These files are not included as standard deliverables, because in our experience, they are extremely time consuming to work with. Aerotas will deliver these files upon request at no additional charge, but does not offer support in manipulating these files.

  • Point Cloud - Delivered in LAS format

  • Full resolution DSM - Delivered in TIF format

  • 3D Textured Mesh - Delivered in OBJ format

  • Photogrammetry Quality Report - Delivered in PDF format

What is included in the DXF file?

The DXF file delivered includes 3D points and 3D polylines for all of the features requested.

See our What Is Included page for more information about the different levels of detail that Aerotas offers.

Can I get the linework in DWG format?

We use the DXF file format because it can be used across all versions of CAD. DWG files only work for specific versions, and cause significant issues across different platforms. Thankfully, all versions of AutoCAD support the DXF file format. When opening or importing files into AutoCAD, just make sure that under the “Files of Type” option at the bottom of the “select file” dialog box is set to “DXF”.

What layers do you use to mark features?

We use highly descriptive layers designed to map cleanly with as many different layouts as possible. Our layers are designed to be detailed enough for nearly all typical projects, and descriptive enough to make sense. To see what these look like in action, contact us for a sample data set.

What software does your files work with?

Our linework is delivered as a DXF and can be opened with any CAD program, including Civil3D or Carlson Survey. This file format also works with most GIS softwares, includint Esri ArcGIS and QGIS.

Do you accept custom requests?

No, Aerotas does not currently accept requests for custom linework drafting. We offer multiple levels of detail when requesting linework to accommodate the vast majority of project types, in the most efficient way possible.

How accurate is the data?

Final accuracy depends on numerous factors, and the only real way to know the final accuracy of a project is to use checkpoints. Aerotas will attempt to estimate the accuracy of each project during processing, however checkpoints are the only true method to know accuracy. When measuring accuracy, Aerotas uses the ASPRS Positional Accuracy Standards. If you would like to integrate checkpoints and accuracy measurements into your project, let us know in the messages section when requesting a quote or uploading your project data.