In addition to our well-regarded blog, Aerotas regularly responds to invitations to provide expert information to national trade publications. Below is a selection of articles our team has written.

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point of beginning drone column

"Drones Help Survey After Thomas Wildfires"

Point of Beginning
February 2018

Aerotas client WM Surveys shows how using a drone as a survey tool dramatically speeds up the reconstruction process after a devastating natural disaster like the Thomas Wildfire in Ventura, Californaia.



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Best drone for survey business

"Does Your UAV Survey Program Measure Up?"

Point of Beginning
February 2018

Logan Campbell and Daniel Katz lay out the basic expectations for a surveyor using a drone: what they should be getting, and what it should cost the in money, time, and staff.

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high accuracy survey drone

"Grow Your Surveying Business Without Hiring"

Point of Beginning
December 2017

Logan Campbell and Daniel Katz explore how survey firms nationwide are leveraging the time savings of drone technology to grow their businesses despite a shortage of hireable surveyors.

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professional land survey droneprofessional land survey drone
commercial survey drone

"When it Comes to Drones, Be a Professional"

Point of Beginning
October 2017

Logan Campbell and Daniel Katz address break down the key components required for a drone program to be professional-grade.


Drone survey experts
Drone industry expertise

"The Drone is the Easy Part"

Point of Beginning
September 2017

Logan Campbell and Daniel Katz address one of the most challenging misconceptions among surveyors starting drone programs: the belief that the drone is the most important part.

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Best drone land surveying
Profitable drone mapping

"Define Your UAS Operations"

Point of Beginning
August 2017

In this month's column in Point of Beginning, Logan Campbell and Daniel Katz discuss the importance of having clearly-defined operations for ensuring a safe, legal, and profitable drone surveying program.

High accuracy drone surveying
High accuracy drone mapping

"Drone Mapping -- The Full Workflow"

Point of Beginning
June 2017

In this month's column in Point of Beginning, Logan Campbell and Daniel Katz break down the steps in a drone mapping workflow, with particular highlight on the critical step of producing an AutoCAD (or equivalent) compatibe terrain model from the drone-produced imagery.

land surveyor UAV drone
mapping drone for survey accuracy UAV

"Can A Drone Make You More Profit?"

Point of Beginning
April 2017

In their most recent column for Point of Beginning, Daniel Katz and Logan Campbell lay out the key sources of value for surveyors using drones. Informed by the dozens of clients they have enabled to use drones as a mapping tool, Katz and Campbell clarify how using a drone in a survey business translates to concrete bottom-line benefit.

Survey drones for topographic mapping
Survey drones for planimetric mapping

"To Succeed with Drones, Keep It Simple"

Point of Beginning
February 2017

Highlighting one of the most important lessons Aerotas has learned helping dozens of land surveyors and civil engineers start their drone mapping operations, co-founders Daniel Katz and Logan Campbell detail the importance of taking a "minimum viable" (or K.I.S.S.) approach to drone surveying.


Construction Equipment Distribution drone equipment
Successful drone surveying

"The Key to Success with Drones"

Construction Equipment Distribution
January 2017

CED Magazine, the publication of the Associated Equipment Dealers, asked Aerotas for the core lessons for companies looking to use drones effectively. In this article, Aerotas shares the key to success at the heart of the Aerotas Mapping System: start simply.


FAA drone laws for surveyors
UAV legal requirements for surveyors

"The New Drone Laws: What You Need to Know"

California Surveyor
Fall 2016

On the dawn of the FAA's implementation of new commercial drone law, Aerotas outlines the key takeaways for surveyors. In this article, Aerotas walks through the key components of the law for surveyors, including limits on the type of drone, maintaining line of sight, operating during daylight, maximum operating altitude, operating near airports, and flying over non-participants.

Survey drone expertise in Point of Beginning
Drone mapping for surveyors in POB magazine

"Drone Dos and Don’ts"

Point of Beginning
October 2016

Aerotas cofounders walk through a critical topic for mapping professionals considering using drones: what is a drone good at, and what is it not? A UAV is not a silver bullet, and a successful drone program starts with understanding which jobs a drone is well-suited to and which it is not. Available in print and online.

POB drone survey article
POB UAV mapping expert

"Essential Steps to Start Surveying with Drones"

Point of Beginning
September 2016

Logan Campbell and Daniel Katz break down the crucial steps to getting started using drones for mapping. They talk through key questions such as which type of survey drone technology is right for certain operations, as well as how to think through drone mapping operations. Available in print and online. Read an excerpt on our blog.


Cal Surveyor drone article
Cal Surveyor UAV article expert

"What you need to know to determine if UAVs are right for your survey business"

California Surveyor
Summer 2016

In this article, Aerotas Cofounder Daniel Katz identifies the key factors that land surveyors must consider when deciding whether to begin using survey drones as part of their business. In a series of blog posts, we explore each of the topics covered in the article in greater depth.



As a recognized expert in the field commercial UAVs, Aerotas is regularly interviewed and quoted in the press. Below is a selection of articles and news reports featuring Aerotas.

Drone delivery consulting

"Express delivery: use drones not trucks to cut carbon emissions, experts say"

The Guardian
February 13, 2018

Logan Campbell provides perspective on challenges in drone delievery.

Expert drone surveying data processing

"How to Determine Which Drone Data Processing Solution Fits Your Business Need"

Commercial UAV News
January 9, 2018

Logan Campbell offers insight into how land surveying businesses can determine which drone data processing solution is the best fit for their team.

Drone survey linework

"8 Commercial Drone Predictions for 2018"

Commercial UAV News
January, 2018

Daniel Katz discusses a key theme in drone surveying: surveyors are starting to demand that their drone program get them to the final topographic surveys they need.

Hire land surveyors

"Can Surveyors Do More with Less by Using Drones?"

Commercial UAV News
October 19, 2017

Daniel Katz provides perspective on how drones are solving a nationwide critical hiring challenge in the land surveying industry.

Drone industry experts

"Aero Token ICO: Dubious Prospects for the Drone Superhighway"

Smith + Crown
October 10, 2017

Aerotas Co-Founder Daniel Katz helps analyze an Initial Coin Offering being proposed by a group to grant access to private airspace.

Aggregate drone mining expert


Commercial UAV News
March 30, 2017

Aerotas Co-Founders Logan Campbell and Daniel Katz weigh in on how drones are being used in the mining and aggregates industry in 2017.

UAV expert and drone consultant

"Amazon’s Flying Warehouse Idea Isn’t Even Its Biggest Challenge"

The Huffington Post
December 30, 2016

CEO Logan Campbell offers perspective on the limitations Amazon will face in implementing its recently-revealed "airborne fulfillment center utilizing unmanned aerial vehicles for item delivery" patent.

Drone deliver consulting expert

"The heavy-on-hype, light-on-substance world of drone delivery"

December 1, 2016

CEO Logan Campbell assesses the challenges with scaling drone delivery.

Drone consulting expertise

”DJI is OK if pricing of its newest drone ‘cannibalizes our own products’”

November 15, 2016

CEO Logan Campbell quoted on the release by DJI of its new Phantom 4 Pro.

Drone surveying and UAV mapping

“8 Things to Know About Aerial Mapping Drones and Your Survey Business”

Commercial UAV News
October 3, 2016

Commercial UAV News interviews Aerotas co-founder Daniel Katz about the critical topics for surveyors to know when considering drone mapping programs.

Drone expert delivery implications

“With U.S. drone rules set, firms race for flight data”

September 23, 2016

Aerotas CEO Logan Campbell interviewed on the business competition for drone delivery. Additionally published on Business InsiderYahoo, CIO Today, Venture Beat, and more.

Drone law expertise 

“Operating A Drone For Profit Is Illegal Unless You Satisfy Tons Of Govt Rules”

The Daily Caller
August 29, 2016

Logan Campbell quoted about the implications of new FAA commercial drone laws going into effect.


ABC 7 News Bay Area
August 25, 2016

Interview with Logan Campbell, Aerotas CEO, about the soon-to-be-released FAA commercial UAV regulations.

“How FAA Part 107 Regulation Impacts Land Surveyors Utilizing Drones”

Commercial UAV News
July 13, 2016

Interview with Logan Campbell about how new FAA drone regulations will impact land surveyors

Commercial UAV construction expert 


Construction Equipment
June 22, 2016

Summary and re-post of blog post by Logan Campbell.

Drone laws for businesses
How to make money with a drone
Best drone for business
Drone regulations for business


Commercial UAV News
January 18, 2016


Commercial dron FAA rules

“The Economics of Drone Delivery”

IEEE Spectrum
January 5, 2016

Additionally published by Flexport


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