Requesting a Quote

Requesting a quote for your project is easy. Simply go to and fill out the required form.

1) Please attach a Google Earth File (KML/KMZ) with a polygon outlining the area where you need contours/linework. Just click 'Add a File' under your message.

2) Please put your Project Name in your message.

3) Please let us know about any special features you would like us to include in your message.

*Quotes expire after 7 days. Contact us if you need an extension.

We will email you a linework quote as soon as possible. You will be able to approve the linework quote with one click from that email.

Creating a KML/KMZ with Google Earth

1) Download Google Earth Pro to your computer

2) Open Google Earth Pro and find your site by typing the street address or lat,long in the search bar in the upper left, then click “search”

3) Once you have found your location, click the ‘Add’ drop down from the toolbar and click ‘polygon’.

4) When the ‘new polygon’ window opens, rename your ‘polygon’ with your project name. You can also change the color of the "Line" and change the "Area" to "Outlined" to make it easier to see

5) Next, left-click to create points around perimeter of the area you need linework. We will use this exact polygon to create your quote and as the boundary for the linework we draft for you. 

6) Once you are finished, right click the area you have selected, or right click the highlighted polygon you have just created under “my places” and select “save place as”.

7) Save as either a KML or a KMZ and upload in the Quote Form above

Uploading your Data

To upload your data, go to

You can drag and drop your photos, ground control data, and any RTK data you have right into your browser to upload.

Please include the name of your project in the “Message” section.

You can upload up to 20 GB of data per upload.

If you are having troubles uploading files, due to a slow or inconsistent internet connection, try breaking your upload into multiple different transfers.

Accessing your Files

All files processed through Aerotas are available at

Aerotas uses Box to deliver files to our customers because it is extremely reliable, and very secure. Box logins are provided to all of our customers at no additional charge.

Once your first project with Aerotas is completed, you will receive an email with instructions on how to create your box account. You only need to create an account one time, and from there you can access all your project files, past present and future.