make $1500+ more per project & grow your business


Hire land surveyors

2017 was a banner year for the survey industry and now it’s time to grow

But growing a survey business is challenging: since the 2008 crash, there is a shortage of hireable surveyors

The answer is to grow with efficiency: do more work with smaller teams

  • Do 5 times more projects with the same field team
  • Eliminate site revisits
  • Get final line-work fast with existing office staff
  • Make more valuable final surveys, with high-resolution aerial orthophotos as base-maps


On topo projects is where it really shines: in easy terrain a field surveyor could walk a 50’ grid on 40 acres in 8 hours. With the drone we are on-site for fewer than 2. And we aren’t spending any more office time than we would have before.
— Robert Watt, NMPS # 11770, CFEDS, Red Tail Surveying Inc.