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Fast, Dependable Turnaround Times

Connecting our tech, infrastructure, and expertise gives clients what they've always wanted: fast and predictable turnaround times. Get your deliverables when you need them so that you can deliver to your client on time. Stop doubling your office time and wondering if you will be able to beat your deadline. Upload to Aerotas and get a guaranteed delivery date.

Aerotas always goes out of their way to give their customers the experience they expect. Aerotas was able to turn around a 5-acre warehouse site within 5 hours. We were under a tight deadline, and this allowed us to beat the clock.
— Kevin Hall, Survey Department Manager | CEI Engineering Associates
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The Aerotas staff has been extremely helpful, and they have a quick turnaround on data.
— Zach Ringle, Project Surveyor/Survey Technician | Clark Land Surveying
Such a quick turnaround, with everything we ask for, it may be a reoccurring request.
— Darryl Witter, RPLS, Survey Project Manager | TD&H Engineering
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Easy to Work With

Request a quote, upload your data, receive your deliverables. Skip the photogrammetry and data extraction steps, and go straight from flying the drone to finishing up in CAD. Aerotas has invested in infrastructure – including high-performance computing architecture and a first class team of ASPRS Certified Photogrammetrists and CAD Technicians – enabling us to deliver survey-grade deliverables in days, not weeks. With our Linework Service, customers get guaranteed delivery dates with rate stability during peak seasons.

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Simple and straight forward. Pick your area and submit for a quote. Set the control, fly the site, and upload your data. A few days later you have a digital ortho & CAD file ready to use. Excellent quality and as easy as it gets.
— Ren Petre, Executive Vice President | Ott Consulting
Quick to respond to inquiries and eager to resolve any potential issues.
— Brian Ritz, Project Surveyor II | Atwell
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I recently had the opportunity to have Aerotas process a project. The price was right, and the turnaround time was Great! We had them give us a mosaic, a digital surface model, and CAD linework. Excellent job!
— Mark Beauchamp, PLS, Senior Survey Technician | City of Henderson

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We're an Extension of Your Team

With Aerotas, you gain a driven, accountable partner committed to improving the accuracy of your drone data. From daily support to feedback on each project you fly, we’re here to empower you with Flight Operations/Mission Planning support, efficiency, and agility to grow your drone program and continue to improve the quality of your results. It’s why clients consider Aerotas to be an extension of their team.

Our county Surveyors Office was recently tasked with providing UAV aerial data to CalTrans for a proposed right-of-way project. Our UAV program is still being developed, and we needed help getting the job completed. The team at Aerotas rescued me from a job that was just too big to complete on my own. Furthermore, they delivered on time and beyond our expectations. After collecting hundreds of acres of photogrammetric data, I tried to process the job myself. My computer system was overwhelmed. Aerotas bailed me out, and they did it for a very fair price. Throughout the process, their communication was excellent. These guys are friendly, positive, and professional. And now, when I return to the field, (equipped with some useful tips for better data collection), I will have the confidence that Aerotas is there to help me succeed. I definitely look forward to working with Aerotas again. It was an excellent experience.
— Chad Johnson, LS, Asst. Surveyor | Stanislaus County
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We have worked with Aerotas for several projects this year, and their service is outstanding. Every aspect from the initial purchase to actually using the drone and then the linework etc. has been exceptional. Extremely well run company, including customer service. I have asked several questions on the drone operation and set up and have always had great responses and the right answers.
— Kevin Bluhm, P.L.S. | Bluhm & Associates Land Surveyors
I have worked with Aerotas on several projects, and they have consistently delivered a quality product that is both on time and on budget. The entire team was great to work with, and I felt supported throughout the process. I look forward to working with Aerotas in the future.
— Ronald Carroll, RPLS, PLS | Ronald Carroll Surveyors
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Photogrammetry & Drafting Services Grounded in End-to-End Quality

No matter which service you choose, you’ll always get the same convenience, accuracy, and quality from Aerotas’ deliverables. When you upload data to Aerotas you can rest assured that your data is being handled by ASPRS Certified Photogrammetrists and CAD Technicians here in the U.S. No need to trust cloud-based automated services or software quality reports, with Aerotas you can be confident in the data because there is a human-in-the-loop correcting errors and performing quality assurance checks at each step in the data processing workflow.

The final results were good and reflected careful work by all involved.
The additional statistical report was valuable, as well. Appreciate all the comments by Aerotas on how to improve the project. Again, Thank you all at Aerotas for providing this information. Very Helpful.
— Robert Hagler, Owner | GTMR Surveys
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These guys are awesome! Did a Topo recently on a lot on the side of a mountain that needed to identify rock structures to minimize rock disturbance for house construction. After downloading the flight and giving instruction to Aerotas, we got the product back and finished our internal drafting. The product looks beautiful and saved countless hours of conventional crew hours, not to mention the safety aspect of our crews. Would strongly recommend Aerotas to surveyors looking to add the Drone tool to your toolbox.
— Cliff Spirock, President | Community Sciences Corporation
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Have not been disappointed yet by Aerotas products, keep up the good work!
— Doug Bergey, PLS, Boise Survey Manager | Forsgren Associates