Save $1,500+ on every mapping project

The Aerotas Mapping System


Survey in 60-90% less field time and no extra office time, with verified accuracy of 0.1 feet

Never again lose time and money because of missed field shots

Easily collect aerial base-maps for high-value finals surveys

Grow your business without hiring: do more work, faster and more profitably, with no additional staff -- we eliminate the guesswork


Own and operate a drone for your survey business



Produce survey-grade topographic maps directly from a 3D model of a site. Efficiently create a CAD-compatible digital surface with break-lines, and draw planimetrics, improvements, and other features directly from aerial imagery.

With professional training on best practices and mapping-specific workflow, produce high-accuracy mapping deliverables.

Accurate drone surveying

Note: results can vary with environmental factors.


The Aerotas Mapping System includes everything you need to survey by drone, ensuring profitability by minimizing your investment and learning curve -- and we support every component of the System. The System is designed for scalability, meaning upgrading capabilities is as efficient as possible.


Our System incorporates the most reliable technology, and our training ensures your surveyor team operates as safely and efficiently as possible. We secure your business with liability and asset insurance, and even cover the first year’s premium. We ensure your mapping drone is FAA compliant and help your team get FAA certified.


How it Works



Set 5 aerial targets and set the easy-to-use autopilot. Push a button and the drone takes off to collect the GPS-tagged photos. The full field operation often takes 1 person less than 2 hours.



Upload the ground control and drone data to Aerotas, and our technicians do the rest. Receive your full 3D model and aerial orthophoto in only 1-3 business days.



With intuitive software, take survey points and break-lines directly on the 3D model, and export as a drawing file directly to AutoCAD, Civil3D, or other survey programs. Draw planimetrics directly from the 3D model or orthophoto.


What it includes

With a one time up-front cost, you purchase:

  • High Accuracy Drone: multi-rotor drone kit, including all needed equipment & autopilot software
  • Comprehensive Training: hands-on course with a professional trainer on best practices for safety, efficiency, and high-accuracy mapping -- at your location
  • Regulatory Compliance: efficient cram-course gets your staff FAA certified as fast and easy as possible
  • Insurance: hull and $1m liability coverage from the preeminent provider (including first year’s premium)

The no-commitment monthly subscription covers ongoing:

  • Image-Stitching: simply upload the photos from your drone and aerial target coordinates, and our expert processors produce your 3D model and orthophoto on every job
  • Post-Processing Software: easy-to-use software makes it efficient to create 3D topographic mapping and line-work features as CAD-compatible drawing file
  • Full Support: we are here for you, as your single point of support for your every part of your UAV program, from mission planning to live tech support

What it costs

$9,200 ONE-TIME  +  $150/Project