Aerotas linework is professionally drafted, survey grade

CAD files, created from your drone data

  • 0.1’ accuracy or better on most projects

  • 90% time savings (compared to traditional surveying)

  • Industry leading quality

  • Professionally drafted in the USA

  • Lightweight, easy to manage files

  • All the data you need, none you don’t


Photogrammetry Deliverables:

  • Full Res Orthophoto

  • CAD-Friendly Orthophoto

  • Full Res Digital Surface Model (DSM)

  • World File (TFW)

  • Point Cloud (LAS)

Linework Deliverables:

  • DWG Package (saved in Civil 3D 2013)

    • Clean Topo

      • Spot Elevation Points

      • Breaklines

      • 1' contours

    • Planimetric Features