Introducing Aerotas

Welcome to Aerotas, the first small UAV focused consulting firm.  Our only business is to help other companies use small UAVs in a way that is safe, legal, and profitable.  

"Aerotas" is a mix of the words "aero", the greek word for air, and "veritas", latin for truth.  Thus, Aerotas is here to discover truth through the air. We started as a project at Harvard Business School in 2013, and has spent the last two years developing a wealth of knowledge and experience about the entire UAV industry.  This makes us uniquely positioned to help you with all of the challenges associated with making a UAV program work for your business.  

We have worked with farmers, mayors, construction workers, filmmakers, and many others, and have encountered all of the problems that come up with UAV usage.  Sometimes that is having the wrong hardware for the job, experiencing a hardware failure, having the wrong pilot, or even just bothering the public in the surrounding area.  We can help to ensure that all of these issues, and many more, are addressed before they actually become a problem.  And we can make sure that it is all done safely, legally, and profitably.  

There are already hundreds of use cases for UAV technology, and more are being developed every day.  Aerotas is excited to be here to help this technological revolution move along in the most beneficial way possible.