FAA Authorizations & Update DJI Geozone Database

FAA Authorizations & Update DJI Geozone Database

Renew your FAA airspace authorizations

Remember that airspace authorization you got approved months ago? Almost a year ago perhaps? Chances are it’s about to expire, and it’s your responsibility to renew it if you plan to continue flying in that particular airspace.

As this new industry grows and changes, it’s important to keep a finger on the pulse to stay up to date on any new rules and regulations. Below are some resources that you should take a look at on a regular basis;

Check FAA website for LAANC updates

As you probably know, LAANC has been deployed at more and more airports over the past year. There is a good chance that the airport you applied for manual authorization at, is now LAANC enabled. Use the link below to check the FAA’s “Visualize It” map to see if the airport has changed.


Visualize it:  See FAA UAS Data on a Map

Visualize it: See FAA UAS Data on a Map

Check DJI’s Geofencing

DJI frequently updates their geofencing perimeters, so it’s important to keep tabs on them as well. We can’t stress this one enough. It’s good practice to check this database before every flight.

The same site you flew a few months ago, may have an updated geofence and require different unlocking steps than it did previously.

On the same note, don’t ignore the “geozone database” updates when prompted on startup of your drone. These prompts are easily dismissed but can lead to big headaches in the field if disregarded.

If you have an old database on your drone, it may not line up with what is shown on the DJI website and can lead to unexpected lockouts even though the DJI website says there is no geofencing in your area.

You can check the current geofencing for your drone at https://www.dji.com/flysafe/geo-map. Simply select your area and DJI aircraft from the dropdown and then navigate the map.

Fly Safe:  Geo Zone Map

Fly Safe: Geo Zone Map

Check the FAA’s website for news and updates

Checking the FAAs News/updates page is a great way to keep your finger on the pulse of the regulatory side of the industry. While this page is not exclusively UAS related, UAS articles are frequently posted and are among the most relevant you will find on the internet.


If there are regulatory FAA updates for UAS, you will find it here.

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