Creating Flight Paths - Phantom 4 RTK

Below are the recommended procedures for creating flight paths using the Phantom 4 RTK and its built-in mission planning app.

  • Power on controller and aircraft

  • Hit plan

  • Select “Photogrammetry 2D”

  • Zoom in to your desired location

  • Tap firmly on the screen and hold for slightly longer than you would for a normal “tap” to create your first point, repeat as necessary with one tap to create a shape which will auto populate with flight lines.

  • Type flight height (it is in meters so be aware of that)

  • Tap “advanced settings”

  • Set the overlap to 75 for both front and side

  • Set margin to 15 m (or use the auto margin function and examine if the flight lines suit your needs)

  • Hit save and save again, name task and enter details about project

  • Click “invoke” to enter DJI app to fly mission