Data Processing Products

Aerotas Photogrammetry

Aerotas Photogrammetry is our professionally managed service of creating survey-grade 3D models from drone photos. Our photogrammetrists and engineers manage the whole process to ensure we only create the highest quality, survey-grade deliverables possible out of your drone data. Aerotas Photogrammetry is not a software, but a service, where our highly trained and certified staff will process your data to our exacting specifications.

We hold ourselves to the highest photogrammetry industry standards. In this case, our guiding document is the ASPRS Positional Accuracy Standards for Digital Geospatial Data. These are the exact same standards that are used for manned aerial photogrammetry with larger, metrically calibrated cameras.

The surveyors that work with Aerotas do not trust the data we send, nor do we make any guarantee. The surveyors that work with Aerotas hold back check shots on every single project and verify the accuracy of the deliverable themselves.

The accuracy and quality of your photogrammetry outputs should be measured independently with checkpoints that were not used in the photogrammetry process, and those checkpoints should be evenly distributed throughout the project.


Aerotas Linework

Aerotas Linework is professionally drafted, survey-grade CAD files, created from your drone data. Our photogrammetrists turn your drone photos into survey-grade 3D models, and then our drafting technicians and engineers will manually extract all of the points, polylines, contours, and surface data that is relevant to your project.


Aerotas Linework Guiding Principles

Aerotas Linework is not meant to be a finished product, our deliverables are not a completely finished land survey. Our goal is to get you 90% of the way to a final deliverable. We do not, under any circumstances, deliver a signed and sealed plat. That is why our customers are Licensed Land Surveyors and Civil Engineers who want to merge in their data in order to produce the finished product.

Without boots on the ground, a relationship to the customer, or knowledge of your local surveying laws, we cannot and don’t want to replace surveyors. Our goal is to empower land surveyors by providing them with services that make their lives easier but does not attempt to replace them.

The expectation is that the PLS or CE will merge their field shots with our DWG package and create their final surface in CAD. At that point, they would apply their customer layer templates, improve the visibility and usability, add in the CAD friendly imagery, and deliver to the end client.

Merge Field Shots & Drone Data

Drone Data

  • Topo Points

  • Breaklines

  • Paint Striping

  • Edge of Pavement

  • Curbs (2 lines)

Field Data

  • Boundaries

  • Building Corners

  • Monuments

  • ADA Compliant

  • Obscured Areas