Frequently Asked Questions


  • How do you manage low-quality data?

    • Aerotas uses numerous different methods to assess if there is any error in a project. We use a threshold of approximately 0.1’ (3cm) acceptable error on a project, beyond which we will always notify the client. When data quality does not meet our standards for whatever reason, we will notify the client. Typically, Aerotas will not deliver any data that does not meet our standards without an assurance from the client that they are aware of the quality limitations of the resulting data.

  • What software do you use to process photogrammetry?

    • Aerotas is proud to be powered by Pix4D, and our photogrammetrists operating the software are certified by the ASPRS.

  • Can I import the full-resolution orthophoto into CAD?

    • Many CAD software packages, including Civil 3D, have significant limitations when it comes to importing very large files, such as our full resolution photogrammetry deliverables. That is why we create CAD-friendly versions of the orthophoto. The client is free to create any custom size, resolution format, or tiling from the full resolution files that we deliver, however, this is not a process that Aerotas supports.



  • Will you draft on a 3D model that I provide?

    • Yes. Please request a quote and note in the comments that you already have a 3D model.

  • Can I request custom features?

    • Yes, we accept custom requests. However, there are limitations to what we can do with digital photogrammetric data, so custom requests are evaluated on a case-by-case basis. Custom requests are subject to additional costs and fees.

  • Can you work to my custom layer template?

    • We do our best to make our layers easy to transition into your custom layer template. However, altering our workflow to adopt your custom layer template will incur significant additional costs beyond our standard pricing, and is not something that most of our customers are interested in due to the cost. Feel free to contact us if you are still interested in having us draft in your custom layers.

  • Are you a land surveyor?

    • No, Aerotas is not a licensed land surveyor, and we do not provide our services to the general public. We provide data services to licensed surveyors and engineers throughout the United States.

  • What work is typically required after Aerotas delivers its linework product?

    • Check the data for accuracy (optional, but highly encouraged)

    • Merge in ground data (boundaries, building corners, points from vegetated areas, etc.)

    • Adjust to your desired formatting (layer templates, symbology, colors, print settings)

    • Sign, seal, and deliver

  • Can I send you points, and have you include those in my surface?

    • Not yet. Right now, if you have ground data to supplement the data we extract from the air, you will have to merge it into your final deliverable yourself. The only points we include in the surface are the GCPs provided at upload.