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Fly drone, get linework


get survey-grade linework by drone

The complete drone-to-linework solution: everything land surveyors need to use drones to finish surveys 90% faster


Survey Grade Drone solutions

We provide Everything Land Surveyors need to use drones as survey tools

 Survey grade UAV

Survey-Grade Drones

UAV aircraft independently verified accuracy better than 0.1’ for topographic and planimetric surveys and maps

 Drone surveying standard operating procedures training

Professional S.O.P. Training

Training on our Standard Operating Procedures for accurate drone surveying

 Drone CAD drafting linework and stitching

PhotogrammetrY Service

Drone photogrammetry services: expert photo-stitching and CAD linework for planning, design, topography, and more

Aerotas has been great for us. You could learn all of the information on your own, buy the software, and gear to get up and running; we had tried this for a year or so. Aerotas had all of the pieces figured out, trained us in a day and we were up and running and making money the next day.
— Robert Watt, NMPS # 11770, CFEDS, Red Tail Surveying
The entire service Aerotas provides is more than expected. I realize that I have done more than purchased a tool. I have partnered with a team that has enabled my business to do more. A lot more.
— Michael T Reynolds, Oklahoma PLS #1651

Start drone surveying & get better linework

From drone novice to Experienced Drone surveyor, Aerotas can help

Our experienced trainers can help you implement a drone mapping program from zero, or grow your current program to a drone in every truck. We can help you maximize efficiency, accuracy, and profit with our expert photogrammetric data processing services, including photo-stitching and CAD linework drafting, from drone data to final topography.


Start drone Surveying Fast

The fastest way to start surveying by drone, with everything you need

  • Complete Drone Survey Packages

  • Hands-on Training

  • Custom drone program development


Ready to start using a drone to save time and money on every project? Our team has started successful drone programs for hundreds of surveyors nationwide. We get you everything you need to complete ALTAs, planning and design topos, corridor surveys and more by drone. We equip you with a survey-grade drone and hands-on training on our Standard Operating Procedures for high-accuracy drone surveying and mapping, plus insurance and preparation for passing the FAA Part 107 drone license exam.

Complete drone survey program setup for $9,200

Already have a drone program but looking to professionalize or expand? We make it fast, easy, and inexpensive to put a drone in every truck and get every surveyor trained and drone licensed.


Get Linework on Every Project

Get top-quality drone photogrammetry & linework on your drone projects

  • Drone photo-stitching

  • CAD Linework Drafting

Ready to get survey-accuracy linework from your drone? Our data-processing team produces industry-best accuracy on drone survey and mapping projects. Our photo-stitching and linework drafting services have a human in the loop on every project, with ASPRS Certified Mapping Scientists and Technologists running hands-on QA and QC to ensure you get the highest quality results possible.

Our technicians stitch your drone photos to produce a 3D mesh model of your site and tie it to your coordinate system. Then we extract real world survey features, grouped into CAD layers and exported as a drawing file compatible with any CAD survey software -- Civil3D, Carlson, AutoCAD, Trimble, and more. Our linework is suitable for even land-title, as-built, or full inventory level of survey detail. Projects are priced on a per-project quote basis; no commitment required. Only need an orthophoto or 3D model, but no linework? No problem, our experts can do that too.

 ASPRS Certified photogrammt

Map 25 acres per hour at 0.1’ accuracy by drone

How drone survey projects work


You Fly

You set and survey aerial targets in your coordinate system of choice, then fly the drone and simply upload the raw photos and aerial target coordinates to Aerotas

We Draft

Aerotas’ ASPRS Certified staff stitches the drone photos into an orthophoto and 3D mesh, then creates layered 3D linework and a surface based on your project needs, including ALTA or as-built level detail

You Finish

You use simple software to make any needed edits to the linework, then easily export to any CAD software and create your final survey – with the high-resolution orthophoto as a backdrop


Survey faster, profit more

With Aerotas, hundreds of land surveyors in nearly every state are surveying faster than ever before with top-quality professional drone survey and mapping program