1. Download Google Earth Pro to your computer

  2. Open Google Earth Pro and find your site by typing the street address or lat,long in the search bar in the upper left, then click “search”

  3. Once you have found your location, click the ‘Add’ drop down from the toolbar and click ‘polygon’.

  4. When the ‘new polygon’ window opens, rename your ‘polygon’ with your project name. You can also change the color of the "Line" and change the "Area" to "Outlined" to make it easier to see

  5. Next, left-click to create points around perimeter of the area you need linework. We will use this exact polygon to create your quote and as the boundary for the linework we draft for you. 

  6. Once you are finished, right click the area you have selected, or right click the highlighted polygon you have just created under “my places” and select “save place as”.

  7. Save as either a KML or a KMZ and upload in the Quote Form.