This page contains hardware setup instructions for some of the most widely used aircraft for drone survey. This page will be updated as more products become available.

Phantom 4 RTK Hardware Setup Instructions


 Create DJI Account (if one does not already exist)

Activating the Drone

  • Be sure the latest version of DJI Assistant 2 is downloaded on your computer (

  • While Drone is off, connect via usb-b cable to computer (port located next to sd card slot)

  • Open DJI Assistant 2, then power on the aircraft

  • Log into appropriate DJI account

  • Follow steps to activate the product and update the aircraft firmware

  • Once complete, power off aircraft and disconnect from computer

Setting up the Controller/Crystalsky display

  • Power on controller and aircraft

  • Select English for language

  • Agree to terms and conditions

  • Select United States for location

  • Turn on wi-fi and select your desired network

  • Set date and time zone

  • When prompted, sign into DJI account

  • If prompted to activate, hit go, otherwise move to next step

  • Select "GS RTK" for the home app and select "always"

  • Agree to terms and conditions

  • Turn on and agree to all sharing permissions and join the user improvement program in order to be able to access updates.

  • Tap the "red exclamation mark" in the upper right hand of the home screen and Update the Geo Zone database

  • If prompted, Update firmware

  • You will be prompted to log into your DJI account again

  • Tap icon in upper left hand corner of the screen and go to the gear icon, change the map type to "mapbox" and the units of measurement to “Imperial”


Phantom 4 Pro Hardware Setup Instructions

Instructions for setting up a Phantom 4 pro with an Ipad

Apple ID (If you already have an apple ID to use for the Ipad, ignore this step)

Download  Apps

  • DJI Go

  • Google Earth

  • UAV Forecast

  • Airmap for Drones

  • Map Pilot

Map Pilot Settings

In the Map Pilot app, you will need to make a few changes to the settings.  Go into the settings menu and make the following adjustments:

  • Set "Model" to Phantom 4 Pro

  • Set Units to Imperial (Turn "Metric" off)

  • Set "Slow aircraft according to light conditions" to OFF

  • Enable Radius Guide @500m

Create DJI Account

  • Go to and create an account

Updating DJI Firmware

  • Power up the aircraft, controller, and tablet, and connect the tablet to the controller.

  • Open up the DJI Go 4 app, and follow the on screen instructions to set up and activate the aircraft.

  • Once in the main view, ensure that all firmware is up to date.  This may take 1-2 power cycles of the aircraft / controller to make sure everything is on the latest firmware.

    • If needed, you may have to connect the tablet directly to the aircraft.  There is an adapter cable that comes with the drone to allow you to connect the two together.

DJI Go App Settings

In the DJI Go App you will need to make sure a few settings are setup properly.

  • Turn off Beginner Mode

  • Controller sticks should be set to Mode 2

  • When setting the "C" buttons (on the back of the controller) set them both to "Battery Info"

  • Update "White Balance" to "Sunny" (really anything other than "Auto" is important

  • Enable "Multiple Flight Modes" to allow the autopilot to function