Aerotas has been great for us. You could learn all of the information on your own, buy the software, and gear to get up and running; we had tried this for a year or so. Aerotas had all of the pieces figured out, trained us in a day and we were up and running and making money the next day.
— Robert Watt, NMPS # 11770, CFEDS, Red Tail Surveying
The entire service Aerotas provides is more than expected. I realize that I have done more than purchased a tool. I have partnered with a team that has enabled my business to do more. A lot more.
— Michael T Reynolds, Oklahoma PLS #1651
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Land surveying is a critical profession to dozens of industries from construction, to emergency preparedness to public works. Aerotas is committed to protecting land surveyors in every state and territory in the United States and across the world. Our goal is to empower surveyors and engineers to do their work accurately, effectively, and reliably. Because of that, Aerotas will only work with licensed surveyors or engineers. Interested in learning more about becoming a land surveyor? Visit to learn what it takes to become a land surveyor. 

Aerotas provides linework services to professional land surveyors and engineers throughout the United States. Please check with your state board for any applicable regulations.