Now is the time for a drone investment

The hype is finally dying down in the world of drones. Thank goodness. Throughout 2015 and 2016, many people dreamed and opined about how drones could bring us new shoes in 20 minutes. However we at Aerotas, and our clients, have been focusing on how to actually make drones work in the real world. And now there are 60,000 commercial pilots in the US doing real work with drones – and many of them are surveyors.

Right now is the best time to make the investment in starting a professional UAV survey program. With the tax year winding to a close and uncertain tax rules on the horizon, now is the best time to invest in new technology. Enough survey and engineering firms have been using drones for long enough so that it has become clear that this technology is not just for those willing to stand on the cutting edge. Regular, everyday workers -- including nearly 200 Aerotas trained surveyors and civil engineers -- are using drones to create everything from high-resolution orthophotos, to certified, accurate topographic maps and planimetrics.

2017 has been the year that drones truly went commercial. Start your program now before a busy 2018 begins.

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