Getting your Part 107 License 

In order to fly legally, you or your pilots will need to get their Part 107 Remote Pilot Certificate. To do this, there are 4 basic steps:

Already a pilot?

If you already hold a part 61 manned aircraft pilot’s license, the process is a bit different. Click here to read more.

  1. Schedule an appointment

  2. Study for the FAA Initial Knowledge Test

  3. Take and pass the exam

  4. Complete final paperwork with the FAA

Schedule an appointment

The FAA Knowledge Test must be taken in-person at an FAA approved Knowledge Testing Center. To locate the test center nearest you, use the link here. The specific test you need to register for is called the “Unmanned Aircraft General - Small”. If you already have your Part 107 and are taking your recurrent exam before it expires you will register for the “Unmanned General- Recurrent” test. There is a $150 fee for taking the exam.

Study for the FAA Initial Knowledge Test

The FAA Knowledge Test contains an enormous possible amount of information, and definitely requires study in order to pass. We strongly recommend following a professionally developed course of study in order to learn all of the information.

Aerotas does offer and sell our own FAA Part 107 training course online, however there are numerous other courses available, as well as free resources. Some of the most in-depth resources available are from the FAA itself, but are much more difficult than than a tailored online course. We have linked them below for your reference/convenience.

Take and pass the exam

The test is taken on a computer at the test center and contains 60 multiple-choice questions, each with 3 possible answers. The minimum passing score is 70%. If you fail the exam, you can retake the test after 14 days, but you do have to pay the $150 fee again. Testers are allowed 2 hours to take the exam.

Complete final paperwork with the FAA

Once you have passed your exam, the hard part is complete. But there is still a bit of paperwork that is required to get your actual Remote Pilot Certificate.

  1. Register using the FAA IACRA system

  2. Login with username and password

  3. Click on "Start New Application" and 1) Application Type "Pilot", 2) Certifications "Remote Pilot", 3) Other Path Information, 4) Start Application

  4. Follow application prompts

  5. When prompted, enter the 17-digit Knowledge Test Exam ID (NOTE: it may take up to 48 hours from the test date for the knowledge test to appear in IACRA)

  6. Sign the application electronically and submit for processing

A confirmation email will be sent when an applicant has completed the TSA security background check. This email will provide instructions for printing a copy of the temporary remote pilot certificate from IACRA. A permanent remote pilot certificate will be sent via mail once all other FAA-internal processing is complete.