Unlocking DJI Geofencing

What is dji Geofencing?

DJI geofencing is a system built in to every DJI drone that blocks flight in certain areas until you bear full responsibility for said flight. The purpose of geofencing is to mitigate risks involved with people flying in areas that could compromise safety, unknowingly.

DJI has several tiers of geofencing, they are listed below. However, of most relevance will be Enhanced Warning Zones, Authorization Zones, and Restricted Zones (highlighted)


For an overview of how to unlock DJI’s geo zones, watch the video below. For a more in depth step by step guide, read on!

How do i know if my flight is within a geofenced area?

How do i unlock an enhanced warning zone?

  • Enhanced warning zones are the easiest of the 3 to unlock, and simply requires you to agree to bear responsibility. An example of an enhanced warning zone notification is pictured below.

Enhanced warning zone prompt.PNG

How do i unlock an authorization zone?

  • You first have to make sure you have wifi or hotspot connection available for your ipad, as you need to be connected to the internet to obtain the unlocking license necessary to fly in an authorization zone. Ideally, this should be done in the office.

  • Go to https://www.dji.com/flysafe/self-unlock and read through the top half of the page.

  • *Make certain you are logged into the same DJI account on both the DJI Go4 app and dji.com/flysafe.

  • Next you will select the model aircraft you are going to be flying

  • After this, find your site location in the map on the page, click the pin in the center of the zone in question, this will auto populate the bottom zone unlock field with the blue “authorization zone” unlock (below), unlocking restricted zones will be discussed later.

location and pin.PNG
  • Next you will need to locate your aircraft’s “flight controller serial number” in the DJI go 4 app

  • First turn on and connect your drone, controller and tablet.

  • In the DJI Go 4 app, “enter device” and tap the 3 dots in the upper right hand corner of the screen, and from the drop down menu, select the far bottom left option of 3 dots (General Settings Menu).

  • Next, scroll down and tap the “about” section (shown below)

about page.PNG
  • Now scroll down to the field “flight controller serial number” and enter it in the appropriate field.

  • Next, be sure your date of operation is accurate and click “submit”, you will then be prompted to get a verification code via text.

flight controller serial number.jpg
  • Follow the instructions and enter the verification code on the screen.

  • You should now get a confirmation that you have successfully completed the unlocking license request

  • Now you need to verify that it is there in the DJI Go 4 app

  • With all devices on and connected still, back out of the “about” section and scroll up to the “unlocking license” tab (shown below)

second settings menu.PNG
  • Now, in the “app” tab of this, you should see a code and a blue button that says “import to aircraft”, click that, and tab over to “aircraft” (if no button is there, try tapping “sync” at the bottom of the screen)

Unlocking license list.PNG
  • In the aircraft screen, you will need to tap the white slider to the right of the unlocking license, once you do this you will be prompted to bear responsibility for your flight

after import to aircraft.PNG
turning on license .PNG
  • You have now unlocked the authorization zone!

How do i unlock a “restricted” zone?

  • Restricted zones (red zones) require that special documentation be submitted to DJI prior to them unlocking the area for your specific aircraft. The documentation required is shown below and can be found at https://www.dji.com/flysafe/custom-unlock

custom unlock.PNG
  • After clicking “unlocking requests”, you will be prompted to fill out all of the information to complete “step 1” of the process, including dates for your unlock request, name, email, DJI account, flight controller serial number (see instructions in previous section on unlocking authorization zones), etc.

  • It will prompt you to attach documentation as well, you need to obtain written, and signed letters on letterhead from the controlling agency stating specifically that you have permission to operate on their premises.

  • There may be extra steps depending on the nature of the restricted area. Once approved, DJI will email you instructions for unlocking your aircraft.

  • These approvals are typically turned around very quickly after the appropriate documentation has been submitted.

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