What files to send to Aerotas

When uploading your files to Aerotas, there are a number of different things you can send us, depending on the specific project you are working on.


What we want from you:

  • Photos captured by the drone (.JPG)

  • Ground Control (.TXT or .CSV) in PNEZD GPS format


What we want from you:

  • Photos captured by the drone (.JPG)

  • GNSS files stored on the drone (EVENTLOG.bin, PPKRAW.bin, Rinex.obs and Timestamp.MRK)

  • Base Station RINEX and Navigation data files (.19o, .19n)

  • Ground Control (.TXT or .CSV) in PNEZD GPS format


  • Nadir Photos

  • Ground Control Point Data


  • GNSS Data

  • Checkpoints

  • Additional Site Data

Nadir Photos - We recommend uploading photos raw off of the aircraft, in JPEG format. This ensures the highest quality data fidelity, without the possibility of accidentally altering any of the metadata that we use in processing your data.

Ground Control Point Data - Ground control point data should be uploaded in either .TXT or .CSV format, and is preferred in PNEZD format. Aerotas supports all coordinate systems, including common NAD83, as well as arbitrary / local coordinate systems. All our final deliverables will be in the same coordinate system as your uploaded files.

GNSS Data (optional) - If your aircraft is equipped with a dual-band GNSS receiver (such as the Phantom 4 RTK), then you should also upload your GNSS data. Aerotas recommends an RTK workflow, in which you would upload the following data.

  • Rinex data from the aircraft (Rinex.obs)

  • Timestamp data from the aircraft (Timestamp.MRK)

  • Rinex data from your base station (.190)

  • Navigation data from your base station (.19n)

Checkpoints (optional) - Certain projects require certified accuracy. In these cases, we recommend uploading independent check points to verify the accuracy of the 3D model. Checkpoints should be uploaded in the same format as Ground Control Point Data: either .TXT or .CSV format, PNEZD format preferred.

Additional Site Data (optional)- Some projects may have unique features that you need to tell us about, or something that our technicians will need to use to properly process your data. You can upload any additional site data you wish that might help us get you the highest quality deliverables.